1. 醫學美容-花研-碳酸-cosmetic-wiki
    27/10/2018 @ 10:02 pm

    LATOJA塗抹式嬰兒針套盒還你嬰兒般肌膚 不用打針 LATOJA塗抹式嬰兒針套盒還你嬰兒般肌膚 顛覆注射式水光針補水方式,摒卻打針注射的細微創傷,融入全新植物複合精粹,含有更多“補濕聖品”之譽的透明質酸保濕成分外,還添加了歐錦葵、辣薄荷、黃花九輪草、羽衣草、藥用婆婆納、香蜂花、歐蓍草等七大複合植物保濕成分,通過微脂囊技術深入肌底,瞬間重塑緊致、平滑,水嫩,富有彈性的肌膚,令肌膚恢復嬰幼兒般嫩滑。 產品名稱:LATOJA臻萃嫩滑還幼套盒(塗抹式嬰兒針) 產品規格:8瓶塗抹式嬰兒針+8片空氣阻隔膜


  2. Football Solutions UEFA EURO 2016 - History - Scotland-Gibraltar Lineups
    05/11/2018 @ 4:20 pm

    JONATHAN McEVOY: The bile-spewing West Ham fans who baited their Tottenham Hotspur rivals because some of their number had been stabbed by a Nazi mob could take a couple of lessons in history. Chanting ‘can we stab you every week?’ and mocking the Jews killed in Nazi gas chambers… West Ham fans’ despicable behaviour at Tottenham disgraced football


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