Chapter One:


When do you consider yourself a travel photographer?

Well NOT if you travel with friends or your wife even who have no clue about what your doing as a photographer while you spend a few considerable lot of money and bring your best camera ever with you on holiday, vacation, or an adventures trip trying take the best shot of your live on your way of your travel trip. It will be very annoying while your friends or wife waiting un patiently that you finally take the shot. you feel guilty and you cannot concentrate.

If your really want to be that travel photographer leave your wife at home and your best friend photographer who always tells you that you can take that photo better, travel alone and go to places where your always wanna to be solo. Or do like me stay single.

Choose your event, prepare your trip, joint a workshop?

Plan your travel destination well choose which moment of the year, look for national events or a festivals find out what is going on that particular country you like to visit. Check if your need a visa and is it save to go will it be an adventure travel or a cultural one. Book your hotel far in advance if you wanna be at a festival hotel prices gonna be up three times as much or even more or are fully booked at that moment of the event.

Most countries have their particular traditions people are dressed up in their color full national clothing and are happy you may take pictures of them at that national pride moment, avoid posting photo but take natural acting but If people ask you take picture of them just do it just for pleasing them you can always delete it later if it turn one of the ugliest
photo of you trip.

What photo gear to bring with you on your travel trip?

The most logical thought is light and easy to wear and should I bring my tripod or not. I recommend always bring your tripod if possible but be aware that a tripod is not allowed to bring it with you in to the cabin of your flight. Like your other gear bring it always with you don’t leave it never alone and keep a close eye on it during your flight and your travel. Use a photo bag with wheels , how often happened that you have to queue up in line and wait before you get trough immigration and with your photo gear on your back could it be very uncomfortable.

Once in your hotel make your preparation to be that travel photographer. One of the things you can do is book a local photo workshop if you can afford it just go ahead for it. The locals know how to get to right places the right times and to get there the workshop brings you to all the places of the events depending on the program often not only transportation is included but also lunch and drinks but every one can do it differently .What I do is if there is a website of a local workshop photographer and if there is I look at his program what he has to offer and follow his steps what he explain on his website and going my own way his way, depending in which country you are wether you go on public transport or what ever is available in that particular county , tuktuk, bike, motorbike ,bus, tram what ever…go to the event and places recommend by the local photographers workshop and enjoy your photography.