What does A licences mean?

Commercial purposes like an advertisement or a campaign. Editorial purposes like newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, and other written commentaries which give visual context to a story. Royalty-Free (RF) Our royalty-free licences are worldwide, with unlimited print and/or online impressions, any-media usage with no expiry or seat limit. Once the photo is licenced by the buyer, they can use it as many times as they want and they do not incur any added costs. Products for Resale (Extended Licence) Enhanced licence grant which includes the ability to incorporate the image into print or electronic products for resale or distribution (including templates and on-demand products) provided that such a product:

Combines the Image with words and/or other graphics or images; or The Image is not the primary factor driving the sale of such product.

The Standard Licences

This includes everything the Editorial & Personal Licence covers, and also promotional and marketing use, and business websites and collateral.

Advertising Licences

This includes paid-for advertising use, and merchandising and retail product packaging. Below is a broad overview of what you can and can’t use each licence type for. Please make sure you read the full licences by clicking the links at the foot of the table. What is “single use”? Images licenced under our Advertising Licence can be used for a single campaign across multiple mediums.

Editorial & Personal Licences and Standard Licences

Licenced  images can be used to accompany a single piece of content wherever it goes. For example, if an image licenced under our Editorial & Personal Licence is used for a blog post, the same image can be used if this blog post is featured on your homepage, or shared on social media, or reproduced in print, without necessitating re-licensing. Similarly, if an image licenced under our Standard Licence is used to accompany a product, the same image can be used if this product is featured elsewhere on your website, or in a printed brochure, without necessitating re-licensing. If you wish to use the same image to accompany a different piece of editorial content, or a different product, you’ll need to re-licence the image.